Sensai, Shidenkai Volumising Conditioner is recommended for healing fine and dry hair as well as for soothing sensitive scalp. The consistency of the cosmetic resembles balm – in other words, the product is rather dense. Fortunately, this feature does not impede the process of application.

If you would like to know how to put on the cosmetic, and what are the outcomes produced due to the treatment, keep reading the article.


What is the manner of Sensai, Shidenkai Volumising Conditioner working? Its main task is to moisture, regenerate and protect hair. Additionally, the cosmetic takes care of both hair and scalp, making strands look beautifully and improving their condition day after day. When you finally finish the treatment, you will admit that the effect obtained is outstanding. Hair becomes denser and elastic. Scalp, in turn, becomes moistured and eased, as hair bulbs and follicles turn into being more strengthened. What is more, strands are more manageable and unruly hair becomes easier to tame. What is interesting, Sensai, Shidenkai Volumising Conditioner has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Thanks to the help the product offers, we no longer have to bother about irritations of scalp or dandruff. The product takes care of damaged hair ends by counteracting splitting. Natural shine of hair is restored again. Effect of smoothness and softness is long-lasting.

Sensai, Shidenkai Volumising Conditioner has to be applied to clean yet still damp hair. The cosmetic has to be distributed evenly over the lenght of hair. After approximately three minutes, the product should be rinsed off with warm water as hair has to be left to become air-dried. One bottle of Sensai, Shidenkai Volumising Conditioner stores 250 ml of the cosmetic. It is worth pointing out, that the product is highly efficient, easy to apply and has pleasant aroma. Remember that only regular application of the product generates looked-for results.