“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” – this is not true about hair. If you treat it badly, your hair will quickly get damaged. It is extremely hard to regenerate such strands and sometimes it is simply impossible. The only solution is to have your exhausted hair cut.

What is most damaging for your hair? What should be avoided to keep it healthy?

hair-care.jpg1. Bleaching – worst enemy of hair. Hair treated with strong lightener is sentenced to death. Extremely damaged hair can only be cut down. It is extremely dry and brittle. It does not absorb the amount of nutritional ingredients absorbed by healthy hair. Its follicles are often strongly raised. Conditioning such hair does not make much sense – you apply the conditioner but it does not get into the hair structure.

2. Permanent wave – it simply burns hair. Luckily, it is going out the window. Usually, hair after permanent wave treatment start to resemble a broomstick.

3. Using curler or flat iron frequently. Extremely high temperature will never bring our strands anything good. We do not want you to give up straightening or curling hair. We are aware that there are situations in women’s life which require absolutely beautiful hair. However, try to cut down on styling tools as much as possible.

4. Hair colouring. Hair dyes are strong chemical products which will kill your hair sooner or later.They can even cause hair loss and make hair more brittle and frizzy. If you do not have to colour your hair, you’d better decide not to. Sometimes it is enough to make individual strands one shade lighter to make hair colour more expressive. Henna is the safest product for hair colouring. It is based on natural ingredients. Adding a bit of hair oil to a chemical hair dye is a good method.

5. Cosmetics with alcohol. A drink for your hair? No, thank you. Alcohol makes hair and scalp very dry thus the scalp starts to produce excessive sebum. Remember that styling cosmetics also contain large amounts of alcohol. If you don’t need to, don’t use them.

6. Treating hair in a brutal way – too energetic brushing, pulling hair while washing or toweling, blow-drying with too hot airflow… sounds familiar? Hair hates it. Try to be more delicate towards your hair. Let it live.

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