PUREOLOGY Hydrate Conditioner is recommended for people who want their hair to be manageable. Application of the product is very easy and the first effects are obtained just at the beginning of the treatment.

The composition of the cosmetic protects hair and takes care of scalp in a complex way.


What are the features of PUREOLOGY Hydrate Conditioner? The product protects not only natural hair colour but also the dyed one. What is more, it delivers shine, moisture and smoothness. The cosmetic makes hair more manageable, easier to comb, smoother and more prone to styling. Furthermore, the product has anti-static action as it decreases frizz and helps with taming baby hair. PUREOLOGY Hydrate Conditioner regenerates damaged hair caused by improper care or wrong combing, hair salon treatments with the use of chemical substances or tools generating high temperature. Moreover, the product is able to shield hair against UVA and UVB radiation, urban pollution as well as against destructive ingredients included into some beauty products. Scalp is immediately freshened up and eased.

Owning to the natural substances, PUREOLOGY Hydrate Conditioner takes a perfect care of hair and scalp. The precious ingredients are jojoba extract, Shea butter, rosemary extract and mint extract. However, natural ingredients are not enough. Equally important is appropriate application of the product. To clarify, the conditioner has to be put on damp and clean hair. After approximately two minutes you can rinse off the product from hair. To enhance action of the cosmetic, it is suggested giving short scalp massage. Mind you, a special caution should be taken by people having sensitive scalp. In other words, it is advised to leave PUREOLOGY Hydrate Conditioner for a half of a minute only if a scalp is considered as sensitive. In fact, application of the cosmetic would become considerably eased if one trick applied – suffice to place the bottle on shelf by putting it on the cap.