You will admit that hair care does not consist only of using right cosmetics of natural composition but also of trouble-free manner of application. Both the features were combined to create REDKEN All Soft Conditioner For Dry, Brittle Hair. The product is designed mainly for those who look for a way for obtaining strong, sleek and lustrous hair.

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REDKEN All Soft Conditioner gathers only positive comments among women who care for beautiful hair and healthy scalp. The cosmetic provides moisture and softening to hair. Strands are more manageable and easier to comb. Blow-drying becomes more pleasant. Once the product is applied regularly, it is highly possible that strands turn into being more beautiful in the nick of time. It is even possible for hair to change its porosity level. Thanks to natural ingredients that compose REDKEN All Soft Conditioner, the product maintains right level of moisture, nourishes and regenerates damaged strands and irritated scalp. The composition is made from such ingredients like moistening substances, argan oil and hair-rebuilding proteins. Obviously, the most important in here is the presence of argan oil since it is able to take care of inner hair structure, deliver shine to dull hair and soften dehydrated strands. One package contains 250 ml of the product.

When you use REDKEN All Soft Conditioner For Dry, Brittle Hair for the first time, you will immediately understand that there is no better product to use. But how should application look like? The product has to be applied to shampooed and towelled hair. As it is typical for this kind of cosmetics, REDKEN All Soft Conditioner For Dry, has to be left for approximately five minutes to enable it to penetrate hair. After that, the cosmetic has to be rinsed off as the strands should be left air-dried. In fact, you can also blow dry the hair setting cool stream of air in your hairstyling device. Thanks to this, you will be positive that the strands will not become dehydrated again.