curl-strands-with-balloons.jpgCurl papers, rollers, thermo curls and a curling iron… All of these gadgets are used to transform straight hair into curls. However, have you heard about the newest hair styling trend? If not, then you must read this article. Surely, you will love this new technique of setting an elegant and beautiful hairdo.

Recently, a new trend of hairstyling has emerged. Curling irons, rollers, or curl papers seem to be not enough for doing waves any longer. Now, girls are using completely different items to make their hair curl. What is interesting, this is very cheap and extraordinary manner of setting a hairdo. What are we talking about? About curling hair with balloons! Does it seem strange? Surely, you will change your mind once you see the effects this procedure generates. Curls are bouncy and hair volume is doubled. Let us check, how to curl strands with balloons the right way.

As it is easy to foresee, you have to equip yourself with a set of balloons. Comb the hair precisely and divide it into several thick sections. What is more, make sure that you have a set of hairpins at hand. What might surprise, you will not need any of the following items: a blow dryer, a flat iron and any other devices that generate high temperature. Blow up the balloons and give them an oblong shape. What is important, the balloons should be blown up just slightly because if big, they may impede making the curls. Next, start coating the balloons with the already selected strands and protect the hair ends with hairpins. Go to sleep. In the morning, you will see the effects of such no-heat hair styling. Run your fingers through the curls and fix them with a hair spray.

Just at the first glance, this kind of hair styling method seems to be pretty good. Curls are really lovely, thick, dense, and bouncy. Unfortunately, curling hair with balloons has its drawbacks as well. Firstly, while protecting the hair ends, you might accidently pop the balloon with the hairpin. Its bits and pieces will be hard to remove from hair. Secondly, do you remember the electrostatic experiments conducted at school? Hair rubbed with a balloon becomes static and it is difficult to make the strands get the form from before the experiment. Now imagine how your hairdo might look like in the morning, when you remove the balloons the wrong way. Thirdly, application of hair fixing mousses may appear not to be such a good idea. The cosmetic might stick the strands to the balloon’s surface. As a consequence, your hairdo might be simply unaesthetic.

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