The problem of hair loss may have many causes.

If you lose more than 100 hairs during a day, you should think about the external and internal causes which may weaken the condition of your hair.

hair-care.jpgEXTERNAL CAUSES:

1. Harmful or improperly suited conditioning products. When buying cosmetics, we rarely read the ingredients but often blindly believe in commercials or descriptions on labels. Meanwhile, even the best cosmetics may contain substances which damage hair and weaken hair bulbs.
2. Bad hairstyles – ponytails, buns and other tight hairstyles strain hair bulbs. Also improper brushing and pulling hair weakens it.
3. Too cold – too hot. Extreme temperatures torment hair and weaken its condition. Rooms with air-conditioning or blow-drying hair with hot airflow cause hair loss. Seasons and temperatures have an influence on hair condition as well.


1. Stress – the worst enemy of hair and skin. Chronical stress and pressure cause scalp problems, enhance nail brittleness and contribute to other much more serious ailments. You can never neglect stress.
2. Skin diseases – quite common – both dandruff and psoriasis occur simultaneously with hair loss. Folliculitis also significantly contributes to hair loss.
3. Pharmaceuticals – strong antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals taken for longer time weaken hair and increase hair loss.
4. Genetic predisposition – usually refers to men but it is not a rule. The condition of our hair follicles is written in our genes and it determines the degree of hair loss. For example, androgenetic alopecia cannot be fully cured. However, it can be successfully delayed.
5. Bad diet – Gillian McKeith is right saying that “you are what you eat” – well suited diet guarantees health as well as beautiful complexion, hair and nails. So, next time when you feel like reaching out for some crisps or coke, think if having an apple is not a better idea.

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