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Castor oil holds a strong position among hair-care products. This natural hair-growth booster surprises consumers because it fulfils plenty of tasks. The best castor oil for beauty purposes is offered by Nanoil and it enjoys great popularity. It is second to none in hair (or actually scalp) care but it has more to offer. See the remarkable effect of Nanoil Castor Oil!

Why choose castor oil from Nanoil?

Some people say that castor oil is available at the chemist’s. It’s true but the oil used for beauty purposes must have the highest quality. There are a few features that make the Nanoil Castor Oil different from other castor oils available at drugstores.

  • Nanoil Castor Oil is cold-pressed and unrefined.
  • The product is based on 100% organic castor oil.
  • It is designed for beauty purposes.
  • The formula is free from synthetic substances.
  • This oil is lightweight, not making the hair flat or greasy.

Each drop of this perfectly-composed castor oil holds the maximum amount of nutrients: vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, including beneficial ricinoleic acid which has antibacterial properties. This unique substance can’t be found in other beauty oils and that’s why the Nanoil Castor Oil is the best thing you can treat your hair to.

Effect of Nanoil Castor Oil on hair

In hair-care routine, the Nanoil Castor Oil perfectly replaces scalp treatments. It’s good to use it regularly by gently massaging the scalp and hair roots because it encourages faster hair growth. Apart from the stimulating effect, this oil strengthens the follicles and consequently inhibits hair loss and makes the tresses as thick as they have never been before. These are the most important yet not the only benefits. The Nanoil Castor Oil keeps the scalp balanced so it minimizes dandruff and makes hair less greasy. The longer you use it, the better effect you achieve – hair regains softness, gloss and smoothness. It’s all possible thanks to the oil reinforcing the core of hair – follicles.

Effect of Nanoil Castor Oil on lashes

Thanks to all the amazing properties, the Nanoil Castor Oil turns out to be a very popular natural eyelash serum. It doesn’t work as intensively as a well-composed serum but it effectively strengthens, thickens and keeps lashes from falling out. You just need to apply the Nanoil Castor Oil to clean, dry lashes (and brows if you need to make them thicker) so that they can grow darker, fuller and bolder after some time. Women have used and recommended this natural lash-lengthening treatment for long years.

Effect of Nanoil Castor Oil on skin

Moreover, the Nanoil Castor Oil is a perfect remedy for lots of skin problems. You can use it if you are oily and acne skin sufferer. The oil reduces acne as well as restores the pH of the skin and maintains the balance. You can also make use of it while creating DIY face masks or cleansing the face with oils (OCM) – thanks to the properties, the Nanoil Castor Oil detoxifies the skin, perfectly removes make-up and invisible dirt, restoring the skin’s glow and beauty at the same time.

INCI100% Ricinus Communis Seed Oil
Size: 50 ml

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