hair-care-tips.jpgAre you aware that similarly to plants people also have roots and stems?

Think about your hair – it is unique and its structure is different in comparison with other parts of human body.

For this reason, hair needs special care.

Human hair is composed of elastic protein filaments – keratin. Our hair can be compared to the periodic table of elements as it is the source of numerous elements, including: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur. It also contains some oil.

It is not enough to wash it with a shampoo to make it clean and shiny. Hair – due to its complex structure – requires proper care so that it can grow healthy and strong. In the meantime, not only do we forget how important nourishing the hair is but we also damage our strands unconsciously.

What is harmful to our hair?

– most of all, too hot airflow during blow-drying…

– …straightening with a hot flat iron…

– …curling with a hot curler.

– too warm water is also harmful as cold water closes hair cuticles and makes hair shiny.

– toxins… if there is a lot of air pollution where you live or you smoke cigarettes, your hair simply absorbs all the toxins.

– antibiotics and other strong pharmaceuticals – they cure the body but weaken the condition of hair, skin and nails.

– stress causes mental exhaustion but also affects the whole body. As a result, it has a negative influence on our health and appearance.

– poor diet – fast food, sugar, alcohol, lack of vitamins or precious fatty acids… it has a harmful influence on the whole body and the hair.

– too intensive brushing, rubbing hair with a towel, backcombing, pulling, wearing tight buns or pony tails – these actions strongly weaken hair bulbs, which results in hair loss.

– improper care – if you use a shampoo or conditioner which is unsuitable for your hair type and the needs of your scalp, you may unconsciously damage your strands. Don’t get a product only because it is new and praised by everybody. Learn about the type, porosity and condition of your hair before you choose proper care.

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