Short, thin and weak? If this is true about your hair, it is high time to take care of it. Find out what you can do to keep the scalp in proper condition. Check also some tried and tested methods for boosting hair growth.

hair-care.jpgEven small children know that hair grows out of hair bulbs.

If you want to grow your hair long as fast as possible, you should take care of this part of a hair. Conditioning of the scalp is a good solution. Remember: hair growth depends on genetics. If your mum had long and beautiful hair, you will also enjoy it in the future. However, firstly you must provide it with proper care.

Did you know that hair grows a half inch in a month. What is more, you can speed up hair growth. How can you do it? Proper conditioning of the scalp and hair bulbs is important. What does it mean? Don’t tie your strands tightly. Avoid using scrunchies and ties with metal elements which could weaken and pull out the strands. Wear your hair in loose buns or braids. Obviously, wearing your hair loose is the best idea. Remember that curls and waves are going to be fashionable this season.

If you want to have long and strong hair, provide hair bulbs with nutrients and active ingredients. Eat products which are rich in silicon and sulphur as well as vitamins A, D, E, and K. You can enrich your diet with supplements. Hair conditioners, masks and herbal mixtures rubbed in the scalp are a great idea. Choose products that can be applied to the scalp. Bear in mind that you must choose cosmetics that are suitable for your hair type. Before you start using a drug store product, read the label on the packaging.

Do you know that the massage of the scalp will also boost hair growth? When you massage the scalp gently, you improve blood circulation, speed up the restoration of epidermis cells and enhance absorption of active ingredients. The massage is also relaxing and soothing. Did you know that if you are more relaxed you won’t turn grey so quickly?

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