Knot, tree or feather… Contrary to what might be expected these are not only names of well-known items. This is how we differentiate various types of split ends. Learn, whether your hair is damaged and, if yes, find the technique that will heal them up.

split-ends.jpgIndeed, hair suffers damage because of many reasons.

These can include mismatching hair cosmetics, improper care, too frequent hairdresser procedures and all that jazz. What is more, hair gets damaged as consequence of being exposed to urban pollution or strong solar radiation. Some medications as well as diseases themselves might also contribute to deteriorated condition of hair. Strands deprived of proper protection become thin, matte, brittle and dry. Scalp is irritated and hair ends are split. Check out how to deal with the split ends to help your hair look beautifully and healthy again.

Split is the most popular type of hair damage. Single hair divides itself into two parts, which makes it similar to slingshot made of wood or a twig. What might surprise, the external hair cortex is healthy. However, there is little in the way of deteriorating the hair condition further. You will stop the process of damaging thanks to applying moistening, strengthening and nourishing cosmetics. Moreover, a good solution is also to use argan oil, which has to be warmed up on the palms of the hands and delicately rubbed into hair ends.

Tree and feather are another two types of damaged split ends. Strands that look this way proclaim that one is affected by serious health problems connected with not only scalp but also whole body in general. If you notice your hair breaking, especially during combing, you should take care of it immediately! Remember to moisturize strands regularly and apply only such cosmetics that answer needs of your hair. Obviously, you can also trim the split ends and think about a new hairstyle, for example.

Knot and offshoot are one of the atypical hair ends. Offshoot type of hair ends occurs when the outer structure of hair is seriously damaged. In most cases, the damages are caused due to frequent dyeing. The only solution in this case is to trim the ends and treat them with a cosmetic oil afterwards. When it comes to knot, it is typical for curly hair, brittle, frizzy and hard to manage. This type of hair has to be combed either with a comb of widely arranged teeth or with Tangle Teezer.

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