Every one of us will be happy to own a cosmetic that is able to do both take care and condition our hair, all done at the same time! This is the exact way Redken Diamond Oil works. The product is recommended to all the people whose hair is weakened, damaged and deprived of gloss as well as whose scalp carves for substances facilitating its regeneration. Check out, whether you will take a liking to the cosmetic.


Redken Diamond Oil does not contain silicone not entirely without reason. Just for the record, these are the substances creating smoothing and protective coat around every single hair. Moreover, the cosmetic, we are talking about, is able to penetrate deep, affecting all hair layers. In this way, strands are supplied with nourishment and reinforcement. What is more, the very action of the product is responsible for counteracting excessive hair loss and its brittleness. Furthermore, Redken Diamond Oil has moistening, softening and glossing features. It prevents dehydration and static, protects hair against mechanical and chemical damages, eases combing and styling. 3

Just after one use, the cosmetic noticeably improves hair and scalp condition.

You do not even realize how easy it is to apply Redken Diamond Oil. If your journey with hair oils has just begun, use only two drops of the cosmetic. However, if you find this amount of the oil insufficient, fell free to apply a few additional drops to your hair. But first, warm up either Shatterproof Shine or Shatterproof Shine Intense oil in your hands just to make it easy to distribute and get absorbed faster. Then, apply the cosmetic to midnights. It is suggested putting an additional dosage of the product on hair ends.

There are so many ways of applying Redken Diamond Oil, that you might find it difficult to give a try all of them. To demonstrate, you can apply the cosmetic to dry scalp, right before shampooing. Wait approximately a half of an hour and wash the hair with your favourite shampoo. Moreover, you can use Redken Diamond Oil as an overnight hair oil treatment or as an additional ingredient mixed with a hair mask. Furthermore, the cosmetic performs marvellously as a product shielding hair against hot air produced by a hair-dryer as well as as a product for setting hair. It is also suggested putting the oil on damp hair. Thanks to this manner of application, it would be easier for us to comb the hair.