Indeed, a cosmetic should be more than just effective. It is also crucial for a consumer to use a product which application does not cause any problems. These features characterize KERASTASE Gelée Volumifique Conditioner. Probably, it is one of a few hair care products that has semi-gel formula. Thanks to the very formula, nourishing substances are transported to all hair structures noticeably faster than usual. Therefore, outstanding outcomes can be observed just after one application of the product. But what is KERASTASE Gelée Volumifique Conditioner all about?


KERASTASE, Gelée Volumifique, Amplifying and Reinforcing Gel Conditioner for Volume and Lightness improves volume of hair and makes strands more dense. What is more, hair becomes more elastic and manageable. Another positive feature of the product is that it adds softness and gloss to strands. Additionally, the cosmetic protects against damaging action of hot and cold air, dehydrating substances that are included in some washing cosmetics, urban pollution and other aggressive factors that might contribute to deteriorate hair condition. In general, KERASTASE, Gelée Volumifique, Amplifying and Reinforcing Gel Conditioner for Volume and Lightness does not only counteract frizz and static of strands but it also eliminates the problem of split ends, hair loss and brittleness.

The package of KERASTASE, Gelée Volumifique goes with a plain to use pump applicator.

Suffice to spray shampooed and towelled hair with the product to conduct application. Start from hair ends and finish at midlengths. The conditioner does not have to be rinsed off, instead it is supposed to be left on hair. When the application is over, hair can be set at will. You do not have to worry about using heat generating hair tools any more because the product has the power of shielding hair aginst such mechanical and chemical damages. What is more, KERASTASE, Gelée Volumifique Conditioner contains ingredients that take care of even the deepst layers of hair and scalp. Basically, they are responsible for reinforcement of inner and outer structures of hair which has its effect in maximized volume of strands.